7 tips to Google on YouTube branded channels

introOver the last two years and as independent consultant since February, I have beeen advising brands and media companies on the professional use of a YouTube brand channel or partner channel. Although Google has done a great job in improving many features inside and around the world’s most popular video platform, there is always room for further improvement. This post lists my 7  tips to Google for improvement of YouTube.

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Video SEO in the Netherlands

videoseo-100Recently, I submerged myself into the world of Search Engine Optimization Strategies at SES Amsterdam. I had one mission – find out what the status was of Video SEO in the Netherlands. Aside from a few experiments, not that much is happening. Even though many Dutch SEO experts believe the future and implications of video will be huge, few of them are actually convincing clients to step into this space – now. Everyone seems to be waiting for the holy grail of universal or blended search in Google, meanwhile they seem to choose to ignore leading video search engines like YouTube or other video sharing sites. Continue reading »

Esmee Denters’ dip on YouTube

Between March 15th and March 18th 2009, Esmee Denters’ channel got deleted by accident on YouTube. Although it’s currently back on again, some assets still appear to be missing or were deleted for good. Through TubeMogul, Branded Channels was able to see the figures. Continue reading »

Branded Channels to use TubeMogul services

tubemogul-logoRecently, Branded Channels has become a professional partner of TubeMogul. TubeMogul is the first online video analytics and distribution company serving publishers large and small who need independent information about video performance on the Internet and automated upload to the Web’s top video sharing sites. Using their platinum services, Branded Channels is able to service clients with video content syndication and video tracking needs.

“TubeMogul is interested in expanding to other markets, which includes Europe”, says David Burch of TubeMogul, “Richard was quick to understand the benefits that TubeMogul delivers in terms of content syndication and video tracking. We look forward to working with Richard, through his newly formed consultancy Branded Channels.”


TubeMogul allows for efficient video content syndication on multiple video networks with a single upload. Supported sites include YouTube, MySpace Video, Metacafe, Revver,, Vimeo and many others. Using TubeMogul for video syndication provides the efficiency many brands need when distributing to branded channels on multiple video platforms.


Another great feature of TubeMogul is the extensive video tracking services offered. With TubeMogul, Branded Channels is capable of tracking any YouTube channel. Reports on individual or multiple video channels are now available.

For for information, please contact Richard van den Boogaard at richard[at] or +31 6 52 368 276.

Lights off on YouTube!?

For some reason, Google has decided to implement a little light bulb feature around a selection of videos. Look at the image below. Funny thing is that everything gets dimmed, except the video and … the ads.

Lights off, camera and … ACTION!


Upgrade your YouTube user channel design

Branded and partner channels on YouTube differentiate themselves by having more design options. Although you are pretty limited with design options for a user channel, you can make some adjustments. Even companies like Philips use YouTube’s built-in limitations to maximum leverage.

Although a user channel doesn’t feature all the good stuff, it doesn’t mean either that you should settle for bad design. The good news is dat HouseHoldHacker now offers a PhotoShop template document that enables you to quickly and precisely design your own background image. Only problem is that the file size is limited to 256kB. Below is the instructional video:

YouTube now offers download option: Obama first

YouTube has decided to offer a new feature on Obama’s ChangeDotGov channel. Users can now elect (funny choice of word) to download the video on selected items. Downloads are in MP4-format.

Download Obama videos from YouTube

Download Obama videos from YouTube

YouTube: Branded channels versus partner channels

youtube-logo-hammerAside from UGC content YouTube features a great deal of content from well-known media brands.  Recently, Dutch advertisers have begun claiming attention with a branded channel on the world’s most popular video platform. This article focuses on the differences between partner and branded channels, provides a feature overview as well as a few practical tips. Continue reading »