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Adobe CS6 Revealed

Being part of the Adobe Influencer/Pre-release program, I had to keep my lips tightly sealed about all the new wonderful features inside the forthcoming CS6 suite, but yesterday the embargo was lifted. I took the opportunity to write a post on You can find it here. Enjoy.

Cameras on-board? Fly KLM Air France / Transavia!

It is a common theme for photographers and cameramen alike – whenever you have to travel by air, bringing along your equipment can be a tricky thing to arrange for. Most established media (TV, print press, etcetera) already know their ways with airlines. But for us independent freelancers, knowing how the procedures work is something that’s not easy to find out. For one, no airline website has any mention of a special arrangement for media. Continue reading »

1-day Grip & Support training

Last week I spent a day in Bergen op Zoom for a Grip & Support training. Making the camera move probably is the surest way to increase the production value of your videos. Grip & Support involves various systems, such as car mounts, steadicam, dolly tracks, hi-hats, jibs/cranes and tabletop dolly trucks. Yes, we used them all to create a one-day edit. Continue reading »

Canon EOS 5D mark III: Ultimate Feature Request List

Recently, I posted an article on which discusses the features I like to see included in the forthcoming Canon EOS 5D mark III, the successor to the wildly successful DSLR that democratized filmmaking – the Canon 5D mark II. Please feel free to read/comment on it here: Canon 5D Mark III: The Ultimate Feature Request List For DSLR Video.

YouTube branded channel for Schemer De Film (a.k.a. Dusk)

Last week, I received a request from one of my first clients, Warner Home Video Benelux. They wanted me to help them out in designing a standard YouTube branded channel for the recently released movie “Schemer”, internationally known as “Dusk”. Continue reading »